Aston is aiming to grow into the No. 1 platform for electronic document authentication


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Aston Platform

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A series of process taken for granted in relation to the document are further simplified through the Aston Platform. Unnecessary time to visit a particular institution to verify the authenticity of the document and issue a notary can be significantly reduced, and you can freely use various types of documents without geographical and temporal limits.

aston platfrom

Verification of all the documents in the Aston Platform Based on X.Blockchain technology. Individuals available to participate as a node of the chain block, regardless of the level of the digital infrastructure he owns. In addition, companies can significantly reduce the cost of data management, security, and so on, and apply the limits of the service areas needed for real life, such as health care, distribution, communications, law, logistics, and edu cation.

Blockchain Business

Currently, the development in major service areas such as dApp and Infrastructure are actively underway for accelerating platforms. With the launch of a pilot project ahead of time through global companies, public institutions and large hospitals, Aston will continue to expand its platform-based business services.

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Medical Certificate System
In 2015, In the United States the damage caused by hacking in the medical field alone amounted to 7 trillion won, and worldwide losses from false insurance claims amounted to 560 trillion won per year. A blockchain based medical certificate issuing system makes it easy to apply for, issue and retrieve personal credentials online or by mobile, such as personal disease, medical records and examination results without visiting a medical institution.
Electronic Voting System
The electronic voting system is a comprehensive system that internationalizes the whole process of elections, consisting of setting up eligible voters, identifying themselves, voting votes, and checking the votes. It has been selected as a participant in a pilot project to build a blockchain based electronic voting system organized by the National Election Commission, along with Handy soft and Harborage Soft to enhance security against election fraud and hacking.
Shipping Logistics System
It uses a blockchain to track tens of millions of container movements scattered around the world. In addition, we will build a faster and safer record and trace of transport transactions across SCM and transfer of assets such as ships, container equipment and cargo.