We will build a consortium based on Aston to expand our business into various areas

  • Seungki Kim
    CEO | Seungki Kim
    • CEO at Xblocksystems and Givtech
    • Board member of Korean Blockchain Association
    • Blockchain Committee memeber in Minjoo Party
    Aston is the No. 1 platform for electronic document authentication. We will introduce X.Blockchain technology to certify various electronic documents. Because X.Blockchain is a blockchain optimized for documents, we can proudly say that it has enough competitiveness.
  • Kyungok Park
    CEO | Kyungok Park
    • CEO at Xblocksystems
    • CFO at Senex Technology
    • Chung-Ang University, Business School
    A world without paper! It is a document revolution with X.Blockchain. For a world where all of the world's documents are distributed conveniently by region and service area, Aston will expand to a global platform with the technical expertise specialized in electronic documents.
  • Yongseok Kwon
    CTO | Yongseok Kwon
    • CTO at Xblocksystems, X.Blockchain Architect
    • CTO at Givtech, Head of Blockchain R&D Center
    • SW engineer at Samsung Electronics R&D Center
    X.Blockchain dramatically reduces the compute power required by users, thereby extending the service area to the mobile environment where the blockchain is actually the most used, and deploying it, we are committed to fully implementing the concept of decentralization implied by the blockchain.
  • Youngjun Cho
    CSO | Youngjun Cho
    • CSO at Xblocksystems
    • CEO at Changjaeso, Fintech startup company builder
    • System Enginner at IBM and NHN
    The ultimate goal of Aston is transform all currently distributed hardcopy documents to electronic documents and place them on the blockchain. The environment in which all participants are involved in managing documents, making documents ecosystem more transparent and affordable is what Aston dreams of.
    Global Marketing | Kabenov Yerlan
    • Head manager, Blockchain Solution Development at CFACTORY
    • Protocol Officer, Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan
    We will expand X.Blockchain's technology more effectively and more effectively across multiple countries, and communicate more clearly with Aston's business objectives through unified communications.

Aston Alliance

The Aston Alliance is a blockchain alliance that will lead the global electronic document market. By building the global blockchain electronic document network, the Aston Alliance was launched to expand the boundaries of all industries requiring mutual trust to a decentralized electronic document ecosystem.

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