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The Aston Project is an innovation
in e-doc ecosystem based on X.Blockchain

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Aston Platform

Aston is a completely decentralized platform for Document Authentication that built with innovative blockchain technology X.Blockchain and the premier security solution Smart-Pass-On. Any documents that you think should be issued or submitted in hardcopy format will be lost through the Aston.

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Electronic Document Authentication specialized platform
Blockchain with
Multidimensional Structure
Biometric Authentication Security Solution
  • Global E-Doc Ecosystem

    Aston project is building the electronic document authentication platform that enables global services in various fields such as medical, distribution, logistics, communications, etc. It can be used more practically in any industry where mutual trust is needed, and can be applied instantly regardless of the type of system.

  • Global Revolution

    When you need proof of documentation in real life, all information about that document is existed in the Aston and you can experience easier transactions and document processing with simple authentication. Aston is preparing for a new document revolution that can make dreams come true.

  • Global Partnership

    We are continuing to expand our stable platform through partnerships with competent companies in each country. We are taking out global leadership by the platform that transforms the paradigm of electronic document authen tication.


X.Blockchain is blockchain that classifies all transactions about document by types or their equivalents and transforms the existing linear structure into a multidimensional structure.

  • Efficient resource management


    It is possible to maintain and update selec tive blockchain and build trust based on it more efficiently.

  • Improved processing speed


    There is no change in the size of the main chain, and addition of blocks by the added document type is done only in the subchain.

  • Small capacity


    Minimize storage of transactions and blocks with different purposes while maintaining the same level of distributed architecture as the public blockchain.


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