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Core Strategic Partner

Core Strategic Partner
HybridBlock Advisors
  • aston advisor
    REEVE COLLINSCo-Founder/CEO of BlockV & former CEO/Co-founder of Tether, the worlds first fiat currency token platformCollins was an Original Employee at Razorfish, a digital marketing and technology company. He has founded multiple companies including Traffic Marketplace, FusionDirect, Fingerprint Promotions, Red Lever, and Pala Interactive.[1]​ In 2013, Reeve was the Founder of Tether, the world’s first fiat currency token platform on the bitcoin​ blockchain​.[1]​ He served as CEO of Tether for two years.[1]​ In 2015, Reeve became the Co-Founder and CRO of vAtomic Systems which provides a suite of tools built on top of the BlockV platform. Currently he is the Founder and CEO of Block V. Reeve is a highly sought after speaker in the fin-tech industry.
  • aston advisor
    JONATHAN BATESChairman of Hybrid Block, Current CEO & President of FinTech Diversified Holdings, Former Managing Director of JP Morgan and Senior VP at CitigroupJonathan Bates is Chairman of Hybrid Block, a revolutionary cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform that provides users the fastest, most reliable tools in order to benefit their holdings. HybridBlock benefits from Jonathan’s deep understanding of regulatory, government oversight, financial technology, and big bank initiatives to pave the way for a new trading and digital asset management opportunity. Having spent 25 years in the financial industry as Managing Director at JP Morgan and previously served as senior Vice President at Citigroup. His successful career extends further with prior work as director at Barclays investment bank, and Smith Barney focusing on wealth management, and institutional sales. Jonathan has a deep understanding of institutional trading environments and multi-asset portfolios. Jonathan Bates is CEO and President of FinTech Diversified Holdings, a multi-company business with ownership interests in Blockchain and Digital Currency Asset Management, Investment Banking, and ICO Advisory.
  • aston advisor
    FLORIAN RAISFounder of Far Investments Inc. & former CCO at London Capital GroupMr. Rais is the Founder of Far Investments Inc. and a former CCO at London Capital Group, a private equity investment firm in London, England. He is also a Director of Blue Wall Shipping Limited and China Motors Ltd. Mr. Rais holds a B.A. and M.B.A. from the University of Lausanne Business School.


ASTON is a complete decentralized document authentication platform built on X-Chain, an innovative block-chain technology, and Smart PassOn, a leading security solution. All documents we thought we would need to issue or submit in hardcopy will disappear through ASTON.



  • Coinlink


    Doorian is the first mobile platform for the authentication of documents in Korea utilizing blockchain technology.

  • Coinlink

    Medical Proof Certification

    Issuing and confirming documents using block-chain platform.

  • Coinlink

    Mobile Smart Platform for Biometric Authentication

    Mobile authentication-only platform providing easy authentication infrastructure.

  • Coinlink


    Global cryptographic exchange with top security solution.

Near Future


Patients can receive insurance reimbursements without the need to handle and submit any documents. It’s also possible to verify their prescriptions with a Aston Wallet at a participating pharmacy.


Personal - ASTON Wallet
Files can be accessed with only a few taps on your mobile device.

Corporate - Aston Gate & Business Wallet
The Aston Gate accesses information by connecting the database and X-Blockchain. In addition, through the Business Wallet, you can use the Aston ITP infrastructure to trade and process documents.


  • 4C Gate
  • fourthlink
  • KBIPA 한국블록체인산업진흥협회
  • LG U+
  • LG CNS
  • NH Bank
  • Penta SYSTEMS
  • SK infosec
  • walderwyss attorneys atlaw
  • walton

Aston Fast Facts

Aston White Paper


X-Chain White Paper


Road Map

Business Road MapTechnical Road Map

Token Sale

Total Token Supply 1,000,000,000 ATCRate 1 ETH = 20,000 ATC

Bonus Policy

Token SaleLess than
300 ETH
Less than
6,000 ETH
Less than
8,000 ETH
Less than
10,000 ETH
More than
10,000 ETH
1st Additional Sale17/12/18 ~ 17/12/2410%15%20%
2nd Additional Sale17/12/25 ~ 17/12/315%10%15%

Token Allocation

  • 70%Token sale
  • 10%Marketing
  • 10%Team Member
  • 10%Early investor & Advisors

Use of Proceeds

  • 50%Development
  • 30%Marketing & Promotion
  • 20%Operation

How to Contribute

  • Pre-registration
  • KYC certification
  • Contribution

The Teamaston advisoraston advisor


  • What is a Token Sale?
    It is a new form of funding by selling a new cryptocurrency to raise funds for product development. The Token Sale participants send cryptocurrency to a source, and the entity that carries out the Token Sale allocates a certain quantity of the Tokens to participants.
  • What is the difference between the Token Sale, equity investment, and donation?
    When you participate in a token sale, tokens will be allocated to you through a smart contract. While these tokens may have value or utility in the future, this value and utility are not guaranteed. This is different than making an equity investment in a company, through which you purchase a stake in the company and receive securities such as stocks or bonds in proportion to your investment. A token sale does not provide any form of stake, dividend or bond. Donations are money given freely with nothing expected return. However, donors do receive receipts and may be eligible for tax benefits, based on their donations. Participants in token sales do not receive proof of purchase documents such as receipts and should not expect any special tax benefits for participating in a token sale.
  • What is a 'Token' you receive from participating in a Token Sale?
    It is a new cryptocurrency that you receive when you participate in a Token Sale. They can be used to pay for the services on the Aston platform.
  • Can ATC perform mining as Bitcoin does?
    ATC mining for additional supply is prohibited. However, if there is more than 70% consent among ATC holders, additional tokens may be ‘mined’.
  • How can I participate in the Aston Token Sale?
    ● Pre-register - Crowd Sales start December 11th
    ● KYC certification
    ● Contribute - The wallet address for participation will be announced on December 11th, and the details on how and when to participate will be provided in a future announcement.
  • Is there a participation limit per individual?
    There is no limit per participant.
  • Is there any restriction on participants?
    You can not participate in the Aston Token Sale if you are of US or Chinese nationality, or if you reside in any of these countries. It is also prohibited to represent anyone from these regions.
  • Is it possible to participate with other coins besides Ethereum?
    Cryptocurrencies other than Ethereum are not allowed.
  • Will I receive a guarantee on the principal for the amount I participate in the Aston Token Sale?
    The Aston Token Sale does not guarantee any principal.
  • What is the total quantity issued for the Token Sale?
    A total of 1,000,000,000 ATC tokens are issued through the pre-sale as well as the crowdsale and 20,000 ATC tokens are planned to be issued for each unit of Ethereum.
  • What if we do not meet the minimum target amount?
    if 10,000 ETH is not collected after the maximum 7 times of crowdsales, the Ethereum collected will be returned in full.
  • What kind of a return on investment can you expect from participating in the Token Sale?
    The Aston Token Sale does not guarantee any form of return on any investment. Aston is not responsible for any profit or loss due to changes in the Token price.
  • Would it be possible to join directly from the same exchange wallet as Coinlink?
    The ATC Tokens are distributed through the Smart Contracts. Thus, the ATC Tokens can not be distributed to those participating through an exchange wallet.
  • Can I participate through personal wallets other than MyEtherWallet?
    All personal wallets enabling Smart Contracts such as MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, and Mist, and some others can be used.
  • What happens if I accidentally sent Ethereum to a wrong address?
    Participant's mistake in remittance does not warrant refund in the Ethereum’s block chain.
  • When will the ATC be listed?
    After the Token distribution is fully completed, ATC will be listed on Coinlink as soon as possible. We are in talks with other global exchanges beside Coinlink.
  • Which wallet can I store these coins after the Token Sale?
    The Token Sale participants will receive the ASTON Tokens via an ERC20 standard wallet. You can freely move the ASTON Tokens you acquired through the Token Sale to a wallet that supports ERC20.
  • How many patents do you have?
    We have two Korean patents for X-Chain, which powers Aston's core technology. We have completed filing for the patent cooperation treaty (PCT) application for other corresponding patents.
  • What about the performance of Doorian, a prototype of the blockchain based document delivery platform?
    Doorian is an electronic document remittance service using the first blockchain technology in Korea. After the completion of its development during the fourth quarter of 2016, it was successfully installed on the NH Nonghyup’s All One Bank, an open platform.
  • Can anyone be a Node on the Aston World?
    Anyone can participate as a Node on the Aston World through the creation of a DAPP. Linked API will be announced in the future.
  • Where is the coin used?
    ATC is the only cryptocurrency used for all services provided by the Aston platform. In addition, ATC will be used as a Fiat Currency for Coinlink in the future to enable the ATC pair trading. Additional benefits will be available when the transaction fee of Coinlink is paid for by ATC.
  • How do you plan to deal with the ICO regulations in Korea?
    There is a possibility that regulations on the ICO may suddenly develop all over the world as the international interest in ICO is growing. If we anticipate any disruption or danger regarding the ATC Token Sale, a public announcement will be made immediately on the Aston website ( It may be followed by a refund for the participants from each corresponding country.
  • What is an ASTON Token?
    An ASTON Token (ATC) is a cryptocurrency token based on ERC20. A Token is a kind of digital money or asset that is issued and distributed on the blockchain.
  • What is an ERC20 Token?
    ERC20 is an abbreviation of 'Ethereum Request for Comment 20' and is a standard specification for ensuring the compatibility of the Tokens that can be distributed on the Ethereum network (blockchain). The ERC20 Tokens must support the attributes of the Smart Contracts, and the Tokens that comply with the ERC20 standard can be placed in a standard Ethereum wallet such as MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, and Mist, among others.
  • What is the difference between an ordinary blockchain and X-chain used by Aston?
    Although the existing blockchains link all the transactions in one linear structure, X-chain has proposed a multidimensional blockchain by constructing multiple chains to overcome the limitations of the existing blockchains. Please refer to the X-chain white paper for a more detailed explanation.
  • Why is the X-chain a document specialized in blockchain?
    All transactions related to the documents such as creation, modification, transmission, viewing, and discarding of documents are subject to the transaction themselves. Due to the nature of the documents in which various fields exist, it is possible to commercialize a blockchain of the linear structure by using an enormous amount of computing power. However, if the X-chain of the multidimensional structure is applied, the computing power required for the system implementation could be drastically reduced, which enables rapid commercialization through mobile devices
  • What is the FIDO technology applied to Smart-Pass-On? And what does it have to do with Aston?
    FIDO stands for ‘Fast IDentity Online’ and is an innovative technology that can easily and securely authenticate using biometric information such as fingerprint, iris, and voice. Aston's platform provides easy access and secure data management through ‘X-Chain’ and biometric authentication.